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    I need this vacation

    We were looking forward to getting away for spring break this year and decided to try somewhere completely new – Santa Rosa Beach in the Florida panhandle. I was trying not to get excited with my health issues even though my doctor never really said she didn’t think I would be able to go. She scheduled me for another blood test at the beginning of the week just in case my levels dropped and I need to get another IVIG infusion. They did drop so I had another two days of infusions just like before. At this point I had to try to do something. My doctor was talking about next steps which included a different type of infusion called Rituxan and in the worst case scenario if we couldn’t get anything to work a splenectomy (removing the spleen).

    So I did what I didn’t want to do – I started googling. The four things I found were no alcohol, no artificial sweetener aspartame, drink papaya leaf tea, and reduce stress and anxiety. I had done dry January without a big problem, so even though I LOVE my wine this was doable. The aspartame really struck a chord with me because one thing I’ve definitely changed in the last six months was drinking diet coke which I hadn’t really done in years. I went on Amazon and ordered papaya leaf tea which literally said for blood platelet health on the box. Reducing stress and anxiety was mostly taken care of with no job.

    I got two more infusions, packed my papaya leaf tea in my bag and off we went.