What’s next?

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days until my platelets were above 20,000 and I could be released. It was a long 3 days – I don’t want to complain because there are people who are hospitalized for a long time- but it was a long 3 days. There really wasn’t much they were doing for me besides keeping me on steroids since this is the first way to treat ITP to get the platelet count to go up.

When I was ready to get released I asked both my hematologist and another doctor that was checking on me – ” What should I do – What should I not do?” Both said there wasn’t anything to do or not to do since there is not cause for this – “ideopathic”. All this time I’ve been trying very hard to not google or research what was going on because we all know how that never ends well. Googling any symptoms always ends up the worst way – cancer- death. So that’s what I did – went about everyday life just as before. Went back to work, had my nightly glass (or 2) of wine and figured my platelets would keep going up. The whole thing with this is – I never felt bad- I was working out, living life and never felt sick. I was released on Friday and worked all weekend with my next blood test scheduled for Tuesday. Tuesday morning I went to get my blood tested and then to work. A few hours later in the afternoon my phone started blowing up and I could see it was the hospital and figured this probably wasn’t good. I was surprised to hear my platelet level plummeted to below 2,000. They wanted to admit me into the hospital again but I convinced them I would go straight home, wrap myself in bubble wrap and not do anything. They scheduled me to get what is called IVIG which is an infusion of globulins the next day.

The next day I went to the hospital to get an infusion took about 4 hours and then the day after the same thing. These globulins are supposed to bond to the ones you have and build up your system. It worked my levels went up so that was good news. So, then again, I went about life.